Tshelela Africa Group Overview

Tshelela Africa Group (“TAG”) was formed in June 2012 to pursue selective private equity opportunities in Southern and East Africa. TAG works in tandem with applicable government entities and agencies in SADC and East Africa, development financial institutions , commercial banks and advisors.

Our senior executive team, the advisory board and partners have significant insight and expertise in the sectors, jurisdictions and markets we’re focused on. Our purposeful and unique strategy and continental implementation capability allows us to deliver results in the business and projects we invest in.

Our executives have extensive experience as policymakers in our target markets, this gives our firm a competitive advantage and ensures that our commercial objectives are aligned to national developmental objectives in the countries we seek to invest in. We are equally determined to expand quickly across our target countries to diversify our portfolio, diversify bureacratic risks and build a balanced portfolio.

Our business model is concrete, as we leverage our networks, experience and deep knowledge across all value chains in our sectors.

Tshelela Holdings Group

Our Vision at Tshelela is to become one of the foremost leading Pan- African investment firms on the continent. This is underpinned by an investment philosophy that genuinely achieves both high social and economic returns in the countries and regions we invest in.

Our five fundamental pillars:

Purpose: We believe that the next several decades will be incredibly fundamental for the next phase of economic development on the continent.

Our vision and mission are anchored by a strong sense of purpose for the continent.

Integrity: We will always uphold the highest standards of business integrity

People: Our people are our greatest asset. We will strive to be an employer of choice, attracting and retaining skilled people

InnTshelela Holdings Grouption: We will continuously seek and develop new and improved methodologies and solutions in line with our investment philosophy and approach

Accountability: We maintain transparent corporate governance and high accountability

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